I had TWO, count them TWO failures to stop involving three armed aggressors in the same incident. In the more grievous of the incidents five shots of GP90 were fired from a 360mm (16") Sig551 at a range of between 20 and 15 meters. The exact order of the rounds isn't clear but was believe to be:

At 20 meters: A controlled pair with the first round striking the upper left chest, passing through the left lung and exiting the back below the left shoulder blade passing within 2cm of the Pulmonary artery and within 4 of the Aorta. Second round struck approximately 6cm above and to the right of the first passing through non-vital soft tissue and exiting the back of the left shoulder. After these shots the aggressor began to return fire (quite accurately, I might add. But then I am told incoming fire always seems more accurate than outgoing fire).

At something between 20 and 15 meters: I squeezed off a perfect miss.

At around 15 meters: A (somewhat less) controlled pair with the first round striking first the left forearm, passing through that to enter the left upper pectoral and passing through the lung to exit the left shoulder. The report speculates that this round deflected slightly up after the forearm encounter. (I think someone was just being generous to me here, it wasn't the best shot). The second round struck the left cheek just below the eye and exited in front of the left ear (breaking the cheekbone and punching out some teeth, but otherwise superficial).

The shoulder blade was punched through but, alarmingly after two solid and one slight hit, not broken. Neither were any bones in the left arm.

After what I consider to be 2 CoM hits and one near CoM hit along with what should have been a very distracting facial wound, the aggressor showed no signs of distress and happily expended 18 rounds of rather accurate fire in my general direction. I ended up with some ricochet glass in my face. That aggressor was finally felled with 9mm handgun fire from someone else (I can't remember which loading but will check) while reloading under cover. He sustained 8 wounds in total. I asked about any yaw in any of the rounds, but was never answered.

One of the other aggressors had 13 GP90 wounds (including at least one I consider CoM) but crawled from the field of fire and expended his remaining 15 or so rounds of ammunition from cover before expiring several minutes later. (We only knew because he stopped swearing after 10 minutes).

Zip on the toxicology except small ("non-significant" in the words of the report) levels of alcohol.

I have little doubt that had I even been using M193 the wound cavity from my first controlled pair would have hit the Pulmonary artery and perhaps the Aorta and ended the fight much quicker.

Draw your own conclusions.



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